Coronavirus: information for students

The new school and academic year starts in September. Lessons and lectures will continue, or be offered online. Luckily we are able to do much more again, but the coronavirus has not been eradicated. This is why it is so important that everyone, including young people, follows the basic rules. This will certainly affect your daily life and your interaction with friends and classmates. But it is necessary.

Do what’s necessary

Fighting the coronavirus is something we do together. Following the measures is not only important for you personally, but also for your parents, grandparents or (other) people in your environment. Be responsible and speak to others about this issue if they aren’t following the rules. Do what’s necessary to prevent the virus from spreading any further: Do what you need to do. Wouldn’t you take an STD test if you needed to? These are the corona rules:

  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other.
  • Stay at home if you have (mild) symptoms such as a cold, cough, tight chest, rise in temperature or fever, sore throat.
  • Get yourself tested by the The Hague’s Public Health Department (GGD) if you have (mild) symptoms.

What you need to know about corona testing

  • When do I go for a test and what does it cost?

  • How do I make an appointment?

  • May I go outdoors until I receive the result?

  • I was abroad for my holiday. Do I need to go into quarantine?

  • Where are the testing locations?

  • When do I get the result?

  • How does contact tracing work?

  • Do I need to go into compulsory quarantine?

Online and physically attended lessons

All students will be notified by the educational institution on how and in which manner the lessons/lectures will be given. Keep an eye on your email/post. In general:

  • HBO and universities will be open to a limited extent for practical lessons, tests and exams. The 1.5 metre social distance measure between students and lecturers is applicable here, too. For more information visit the website of the Dutch government.

Introduction period and student associations

he introduction week Oh Oh Intro will not take place this year. Should you still wish to meet 1 of the student associations in The Hague or become a member, then visit the website Study in The Hague.

More info on the coronavirus